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Climbing wall waiver needs to be signed

Dear Parents:

Regarding:  Climbing Structure, please download this waiver and sign it.

The Manitoba Saskatchewan Camp Staff is travelling to Winnipeg this weekend with their Mobile Climbing Structure. The team who are trained in the safe operation of the structure will arrive at RRVJA this coming Friday, June 7th.  The Climbing Structure will be made available to RRVJA students who are a minimum of 45 pounds and who have returned a signed parental consent to participate.


The structure uses a patented redundant auto-belay safety system for steel cables that can handle over 9300 pounds each.  It uses a hydraulic system is fully redundant and completely fail safe.  While there is always an element of risk, the following safety measures are taken:

  1. Camp staff will provide an orientation to each user before any climb

  2. Orientation covers what to do before, during and after the climb

  3. Students are equipped with a helmet

  4. Students are properly fitted in their harness before the climb

  5. Trained staff/spotters is in place before, during and after the climb


On behalf of the Manitoba Saskatchewan Conference of Seventh Day Adventist, we have attached a parental consent form for you to sign and return to your child’s teacher by tomorrow, June 7th, 2013.

Please feel free to contact me at the school if you have questions or require any clarifications.

Ian Mighty


Prairie Central Adventist Academy

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